Sun Rises In The South

Published November 20, 2015 by darksilvertree

Porsha sat on her mother’s back porch, rocking in the old chair that her grandma passed down and staring at the bright November sky. A breeze lifted bushy hair she hadn’t bothered to comb from her shoulders, her bell bottom pants fluttered. She felt betrayed. Didn’t she deserve a bleak, rainy day like in the movies?
“It’s winter anyway!” She’d ranted at her poor mother. Daphne listened with a comforting smile, holding Porsha’s hand. She’d tried moving the conversation to Daphne’s childhood friend’s, Keisha, recent graduation but Porsha remained sullen. If the news had come a day earlier they both would’ve been ecstatic. Now Porsha viewed Keisha’s accomplishment with detachment. She dragged herself back to the painful present. A day earlier she’d gone to sleep assured there were many days ahead. Now her outdoor altar lay cold. Her mother let her keep it there for when she visited, which was usually Saturday when her brothers and their families stopped by. Porsha could step out when she needed peace from the kids but she hadn’t lit the candles since yesterday morning; her arms and legs grew heavy when she thought of going to it alone. So she stayed here mindlessly rocking. Her art projects sat abandoned in her studio apartment across town. She knew Daphne wouldn’t make her leave before she was ready. Yet she also knew her bills wouldn’t wait. They were impersonal letters from one faceless person to another; they didn’t care the footsteps beside her were no longer there. Porsha felt tears prick her eyes, then rage filled her chest. Followed by a helpless numbness. Her shoulders slumped and her head dropped. Because death had already moved on and mortals hadn’t discovered its bribe. So she stayed there rocking. Waiting for a different sun to rise.

Magic In Falling Leaves

Published November 11, 2015 by darksilvertree

It’s been a while since I tried a contemporary short story. But I had a sudden urge to write about Calypso and Jack again. Plus my NaNoWriMo story was getting a little sad and I needed some fluff. The last time I wrote about these characters was in a short story about Imbolc. I hope you like this. =)


Calypso was raking leaves in a not so fashionable green sweater and white shorts when Jack’s car rolled into the yard. There were already three trash bags filled. One had fallen over, spilling its contents over the ground. If it were anyone else she may have thought about being subconscious. As long as she’d been a customer at his store, she never expected them to get as close as they were. Or that she’d be in a coven of sorts that included his now sixteen year old daughter. As Jack got out Calypso noticed he wasn’t wearing his usual mismatched assortment of clothes. He wore a plain white t-shirt, wrinkled jeans, and old tennis shoes.
“What’s this all about?” She asked as he walked up.
He shrugged dramatically, letting his arms flop around. “Well, it’s Saturday and I don’t have to open for a few hours.”
Calypso raised an eyebrow.
Jack grinned. “Okay, fine.” He gave a chuckle that was a little self-deprecating. “Annie told me you were doing lawn work and implied heavily that I should come over.”
She didn’t doubt it. Annie was a natural born leader and knew how to get her way. “I doubt she volunteered herself for duty.” Calypso looked around Jack to the car, but she didn’t expect to see the girl.
“Alas, there was a club trip.” He shrugged again.
Calypso laughed. She led him to her new shed. It wasn’t that large and was a glorified closet but there wasn’t much space in her backyard; unlike her yard. That was big enough it’d taken her most of the morning just to clear a quarter of it.  After multiple tries she yanked the door open. “Here.” She reached into a box for some gloves and threw them to him. She turned back. “I bought an extra rake when I went shopping the other day.”
“Annie didn’t happen to be with you, was she?” Jack took the rake and hoisted it over his shoulder.
“How’d you know?”

Walking back to the yard, casually holding hands, they spent the next thirty minutes raking. Jack started to put leaves back into the overturned trash bag. Instead, he decided to throw them over Calypso. She glared at him and picked the offending leaves from her sweater. When she reached for the ones in her hair he held her hands.
“Every witch needs her crown.” Jack rearranged them into what Calypso was sure looked nothing like a crown. But she smiled up at him anyway.
“Oh, I’m sure.”
Jack gave her a suspicious look as Calypso reached down. He just managed to duck when she threw handfuls of leaves at him. That didn’t stop most of them from landing on his back.
“Well, it’s not a traditional crown but I think it works.”
Jack shook them off and laughed. He wasn’t one to give up though and Calypso had to put decidedly more effort to dodge. Of course Jack had a longer reach but he also had a weakness to puppy dog eyes, so she used it to her full advantage. He wagged his finger at her but reluctantly let the leaves drop. Jack let his shoulders droop as if he was about to give up. When Calypso bent over to pick up the rake Jack grabbed her and spun around. Leaves went flying. Calypso squealed but a second later she was laughing along with him. She felt like they were the teenagers even though she’d just turned twenty-eight. When Jack set her down she aimed a good natured jab at him. He pulled her into a hug. She wasn’t sure when she’d become comfortable with such close contact, but Jack’s unassuming nature helped. Neither of them sought a romantic relationship but that didn’t stop moments like this from being special. Annie, who had decided they’d be friends the first time Calypso walked in the store, had become even closer over the last three years. And more than one dinner involved her cooking for three.
Bringing herself back to the present, Calypso said, ” We made it worse.”
Jack threw his head back and laughed. “Yes.” He looked wistfully towards the house. “But we have time for a lunchbreak, right?”
Calypso rolled her eyes. “I suppose,” she said, taking his hand.

Jaded Princess

Published September 23, 2015 by darksilvertree

Katherine leaned against Atian’s truck, her fingers tapped anxiously against her stomach; she’d press her hand flat but the tapping would start again. She grasped a vial in the other hand. She hoped it was enough to destroy Alex. She’d waited for so long already and now she finally had the strength. At first having Ysabel’s spirit trapped within her hadn’t seemed like a blessing, but Ysabel needed her to be strong; a simple agreement allowed Katherine access to her power. She finally had a grasp on how to shape energy to her will. But she would not be used again and she kept the barriers between them strong. Now with her magic fully awakened she could fight back. Something she could tell did not please Ysabel. But that didn’t matter to Katherine. It was time to tie up loose ends. A door slammed behind her and she forced her attention to Atian.

His concern was evident. Taking her hand, he asked, “Are you sure you want to do this…now?”

That’s precious. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “I’ll be fine, promise.”

She tried to walk away but Atian pulled her back.

“Are you sure? Maybe we should call your sister?” His voice shook and he got quiet, like he always did when he was stressed.

Katherine bit back a sharp remark. He’d seen what she could do. She didn’t need Samiyah to take down some bottom-of-the-barrel demon, especially not when her sister would rather bury her head in the sand as often as possible. Katherine’s newfound love for her sister was severely tested. “She’s two days away. I need to do this now.” She gently pushed him back around the truck. “We’ll be home before you know it.”

Atian reluctantly let himself be guided back to the driver’s side, but he crushed her in a long hug and didn’t let her go without a kiss.


Katherine cast a circle in the air with her fingers, leaving a dull orange glow. She pulled out the spell she’d written from her skirt pocket. Katherine took a deep breath but still hesitated. Alex would be sealed in. But so was she.

Finding her courage she pulled energy from everything around her; the ground, every blade of grass and every leaf, from the tree bark to the sap beneath, the moisture gathering in the air that would soon be dew, and even the breeze. Finally she drew on her passion and focused it all into her spell. “Shadows lurking in the night. I summon you, Alex, come to me tonight.” Her voice thundered out, breaking through the chains that bind; that said a lady was quiet. It carried all her frustration. At her goal being so close only for it to crumble, for her to see what had always lain beneath the pretty lies. And Alex was going to pay for them all. She repeated the spell twice more. Her anger grew with each second.

The last word left her lips and a burst of warmth flooded her chest. Then the feeling exploded outward, knocking her against the barrier. She looked up to see Alex crouched, eyeing her with a mix of disdain and expectancy.

“Don’t look at me like that.”

He laughed. “Sorry princess. Is this better?” His expression changed to one of infatuation and he gave her a mock bow. “What an honor to be before someone who looks so…young.” His lips twitched as he fought to suppress another laugh.

Katherine slowly moved to a standing position. Her anger flared but she was in control here. He would not force her hand before she was ready. And then he said,

“Does he know? What you were willing to sacrifice for youth?” He tapped his chin. “I think your white knight would like to know.”


Katherine watched him walk past her. She’d stood eerily still. Her hatred seeped into the barrier like venom. Alex touched it and the orange glow consumed him. “You do not get to hold anything over me.” She felt a sudden disconnection as she approached him. Before panic could set in she made sure Ysabel was safely tucked away.

Alex folded in slow-motion, hitting the ground with a thud. He glared. His eyes lost all semblance of humanity. Black orbs with pin pricks of red stared back at her. “You aren’t a victim. You’re a brat and just as guilty as either me, or Nathaniel.”

Katherine summoned a gust of wind that slammed into him with the force of a truck. She heard a dull snap but she knew it must’ve been louder. “I would’ve done anything for him. And he would’ve killed me. I didn’t care what his plans were, why is what I wanted so much to ask for?”

“You meant nothing, your loyalty meant nothing.” Alex flung her away and pushed himself up. The right side of his ribcage hung loosely; bones pushing against his skin as they grinded together. He tried to summon something, Katherine felt him gathering energy, but he couldn’t.

“You’re trapped in my circle.”

He snarled, lunging for her with claws extended. She swatted him aside and let out a bored sigh. Confidence rushed through her, threatening to overflow, and left her feeling giddy. Katherine let her power slam into Alex. She wanted him to know exactly who he was dealing with. He eyed her wearily now. His movements became more measured, testing her out.


But Katherine had thought about this so much the reality seemed almost anticlimactic. And she knew of his fight with Samiyah, though getting that information from her sister had been a pain. Alex was just a brawler not a strategic fighter. He proved this by jumping at her again, only from a slightly different angle. This man used to be menacing. Now he was scrambling for the upper hand. Katherine laughed aloud at her naivety as she surrounded him in a column of flame.

Sauntering towards him, confident of her upper hand, Katherine wasn’t prepared for Alex to grab at her throat. She let out a yelp and threw herself backwards.

“Still a child. Your power means nothing.”

Katherine levitated him, still on fire, with one hand. With the other she struck him in the back with a lightning strike. His howl of agony made her shiver. Whether from joy or fear, Katherine didn’t know. She didn’t give herself time to think about it; and not just because the former disturbed her. Katherine saw the vial lying on the ground. Too close to the fire. She started to pull it towards herself when the fire exploded outward. Only reflexively summoning a shield saved her. Alex shed his human form and lunged at her. His claws were longer than anything Katherine had ever seen before and filed to a point. Sparks flew as they connected with her shield. Muscles in his thick hind legs bunched as he pushed against it. Katherine felt her panic rising when her shield moved back. She took a shaky step backwards; realizing distantly that one of her heels sank into the ground and broke when she did. Suddenly Katherine’s barrier clouded over. A man stood casually on the opposite side as if he’d simply stepped through. A shock of ginger hair fell into his eyes. Alex looked between them and jumped towards the man. In a movement faster than Katherine could follow he landed a punch that sent Alex flying back. His body crashed next to her. Katherine’s stomach churned when she saw a gaping hole in Alex’s chest.


“Don’t worry. I’m not here to hurt you.” The man was next to her and Katherine realized he wasn’t that tall. She was only five six, four inches taller than Samiyah, and she looked him right in the eye. He grinned and she felt like running far away. “At least not this time.”

“Then why?” Katherine’s voice came out in a forced whisper.

“We don’t like demons in our territory.” His expression hardened, grey eyes turned cold. And then, in an instant, he was cheery again.

Katherine steadied herself and put on a calm front. “I had him.”

“Indeed you did. Interesting.” He gently took her hand and bought it to his lips. “I think we’ll have a lot to talk about in the future.”

His voice made her tense in anticipation. All her instincts screamed she’d be walking into danger but she…wanted that? She asked, before she could stop herself, “Is that so? In how near a future?”

He laughed. “Just keep me in mind.” He straightened the brown leather jacket he wore before turning away.

Before he could leave Katherine blurted out, “What’s your name?”

He stopped and listened to something, looking her over as he did so. Instead of feeling attracted, Katherine felt as if she were being judged and wondered what he saw. Finally he said, “Think of me as Jules.”

“Is that your real name?”

“Jules” threw back his head in laughter. “Of course not,” he said before disappearing.

As Katherine stood gathering her wits her barrier returned to its original orange color. She made herself move, finding the vial and coming to stand over Alex again. She felt nothing as the potion dissolved him. It would go beyond his physical body and destroy Alex’s energy so no one could ever resurrect him. Not that he was high enough anyone would care. Katherine wanted his suffering to be absolute; she’d never gone halfway on anything and she wasn’t going to start now. Once that task was done she let down her barrier to see Atian pacing by his truck.

Katherine walked over to him and threw her arms around Atian’s neck, a reassuring smile plastered on her face. “I told you. Nothing to worry about.”

He pursed his lips and his brows furrowed. He didn’t ask any questions, right now, just helped her back into the jeep. “I’m glad I was wrong.” Atian squeezed Katherine’s hand as he wrapped his other arm around her waist. They stayed like that a long time before Atian made a move to leave.

A Hammer and a Spell

Published September 1, 2015 by darksilvertree

Zuri ambled into the tavern. She didn’t mind that she could just see over the tables. A hundred and sixteen years gave one a lot of time to get used to it. She was a dwarf after all, and one known for her temper. Not many wanted to suffer her company; let alone point out something like that. The smell of baking pies and spiced ham drifted to her. Her mouth watered. The past two months had driven her close to renouncing jerky and all meat foods. Before she came to her senses, of course. The only thing worse was getting hired to guard a merchant caravan that was mostly destroyed, which meant no pay. Zuri sniffed. Was that turkey? Boar? Duck? More sweats? Fancy indeed! But she expected nothing less from “her human”. She never called Lasym that aloud but it was a pet name. Zuri asked him why he’d explained the term if he didn’t want her to call him that. Lasym had only glowered at her. A serving girl bumping into Zuri interrupted her thoughts. Linen skirts filled her vision. The sounds of breaking plates, heavy thuds as wooden flagons hit the floor made her cringe as she thought food and drink being wasted. Zuri tried pushing them away but only succeeded in getting her hands tangled. She let out a string of curses, mixing with those of the serving girl’s. A new voice joined in.

“Stop struggling! You’re making it worse,” Lasym growled. His baritone voice grew even deeper when he was upset.

Zuri stopped struggling but she continued to complain. Once she was free Zuri gave the girl, who she recognized as Nelladrie (most people called her Nella), a dazzling smile. Lasym shook his head, his brown hair falling into his eyes. Nella was a good friend that Zuri had known since she first set out wandering. Sometimes they were romantic partners; a secret Zuri shared only with Lasym. As she followed him to a table in the corner she remembered the confused look he’d given her. A few days later he’d bought it up again but only to ask ,incredulously, if she felt the same about him. Zuri payed close attention to her crew members though. Having seen Lasym show no interest in romantic flings the others liked playing at, she’d guessed he was different and already accepted it. He seemed pleased with the answer and they never bought it up again. Lysem didn’t attempt to help Zuri into her chair. What did a dwarf have if not her pride? Once she was settled she grinned up at Lysem. His normally dour expression broke as a small smile peeked through. He relaxed slightly, studying her a long moment before reaching out to put a hand over hers. It spoke volumes more than if he’d attempted to lift her and swing her about. Dwarves weren’t immovable stones, not that they protested the myth, but Zuri had fists as large as Lasym’s head; it wouldn’t end well for him as she’d sternly warned him the one time he tried. So they agreed to a compromise. No pet names and no swinging. As these thoughts ran through her head, Zuri stared at their hands. Hers made his look like a babe. But he was to her, even if he’d gotten a tan and thick calluses from his time on a merchant ship. Zuri wanted to ask how long it’d taken Lasym to get his sea legs but the moment seemed too heavy.

“I heard.”

“Yeah.” It was all she could manage to say. Zuri coughed to clear her throat. The garrison the caravan stopped at was attacked by bandits. Nothing out of the ordinary except they poured from the hills like ants. Rihyr and Bhyr, two humans who kept themselves completely covered and trained their voices to be neutral, were missing when the attack ended. They were fresh from home, Lasym called them “barely weaned” and advised against bringing them, but their potential…. Zuri rolled her shoulders.

“I know, you didn’t come for this. I shouldn’t have mentioned it.” Lasym shifted and withdrew his hand but muttered, “Should’ve come with me.”

Zuri laughed, dark braids that draped over each shoulder bounced, gaining an embarrassed chuckle from Lasym. “Can’t have people thinking we’re lovers can we?”

“Never that.” The adoration in his eyes said otherwise.

Had anyone told her six years ago the solemn twenty-four year old was capable of such a look she would’ve sent him off for getting into the rum. But Zuri hadn’t hired a joker, she was enough for them all, she’d hired a spell-sword. And despite Lasym’s demeanor he was more than willing to bend rules where he felt necessary so they got along well, until he decided to bend her rules; never going too far, just enough to aggravate her. Zuri almost traded his contract for another witch’s at an outpost, although he wasn’t as strong.  Then the deal went bad. And Lasym helped save her life though he had no obligation to. He said she’d earned his respect, and he had no reason to wish her dead. Little did Zuri know, Lasym may as well have spouted the most sugary poetry for her. And that was only the first year they’d traveled together.

“A copper for your thoughts.” Lasym took a sip from his flagon.

“Just a copper!” Zuri glared at him.

He gave her an exasperated look. “It’s a saying.” He leaned forward, elbows resting on the tabletop. “Besides, why pay more for what I wouldn’t get anyway.”

Zuri pouted and gave him a distrustful look.

“Have I lied to you before?” he asked in a soft voice.

“No.” she sniffed. “And you’d be smart to continue that.”

Lasym raised his flagon. Which reminded her….

“Nella!” Her voice carried even over the racket. Zuri waved at Nella, who smiled despite the grimace she tried keeping on her face. As Nella walked over Zuri caught Lasym’s resigned expression. “I still have some money left.”

“Enough to last until the next job?”
“Yes.” In reality she could buy a meal tonight but she’d need a job by morning. Judging by Lasym’s expression he knew that, but she wouldn’t admit it. He worried enough as it was.

He wanted to protest but they’d already found out just how good the elf’s hearing was. Nella stopped close to Zuri but kept enough of distance she couldn’t reach. Zuri knew it was out of respect for Lasym but she screwed up her face in mock displeasure anyway.

“Can’t expect manners from a dwarf can I?”

“I exude manners!” She stuck out her tounge.

Nella smiled and shook her head. “What will it be?” she asked Lasym.

“Hey! I have money!”

“Like ya did last time?”

“I did.” Zuri gave Lasym a warning look. He put up his hands, keeping his expression carefully neutral.

Nella bit her lip to suppress a laugh. “I’ll just bring the biggest flagon we got. We’ll see just where ya purse is.” Zuri’s eyes lit up. Before leaving she wrapped Zuri in a tight hug. “I’m glad you’re safe, Zuri.” Nella smile was sad.

Zuri waited until she’d gone far enough away and back into her “happy bar maid” role. “You told her,” she hissed.

“It was only right. She worries.”

She sighed, waiting for her drink in silence. Nella returned and Zuri put on a big grin for her. She hadn’t been lying, the flagon was nearly as large as Zuri’s head. When she reached for it Nella squeezed her fingers. Nella placed it in front of Zuri and whispered, “Enjoy.” As if the air was suddenly too weak to hold her words. She slipped away quietly, leaving Zuri and Lasym alone. They toasted each other across the table and took a large gulp; getting lost in their own thoughts.

Beyond Death / Iron & Silk

Published August 26, 2015 by darksilvertree

A gentle voice

By your side.

Its song,

The waves

Beneath your boat.

As it carries

Beyond death



Royal chains

Made of



Carry between

Burdened souls

Pike driven into stone

Made of


Of peace

To heal



These are some poems about my lastest WIP Singers of Death.


Image (clickable) text: Darkness didn’t scare a witch. Not one who guided others through death.

Monthly Vlogs

Published August 22, 2015 by darksilvertree

I plan on working on a few novels and since I liked doing vlogs for Camp NaNoWriMo I decided to keep doing them. But instead of every week I’ll only be doing update videos once a month, with a few updates in between on Twitter. I don’t mean to neglect this site and I’ll start posting again when I have shorter & more stand alone works to show. For instance, I have a sorta “filler” story where Katherine Hayden gets to take center stage that I’ve been working on. =)

Also, I posted the first two chapters of Among Ladies & Lords on Wattpad before I knew that an account was needed to read anything on that site. If anyone’s interested, leave a comment below and I’ll post them here too.



The Samiyah Hayden Series – Updates

Published July 11, 2015 by darksilvertree

I’ve started putting edited chapters of these stories on Wattpad, if anyone’s interested. I’m still taking suggestions on what (if anything) needs to be changed. Lately I’ve been having problems with updating posts since any changes I make don’t show up but I always keeps feedback in mind when I start a new WIP. For fun I also added songs to some of the chapters.

Seven Bays – Updated

Ever’s Gate – Updated

Hayden Spells Trouble – Updated

Chapter three of A Witch’s Fire is up but I’ll probably reupload it ,because of the problem with updating, before I link to it.


I found a picture randomly one night that looks similar to how I pictured Samiyah. The original can be found here.



I also did my own quick sketch (it’s my new Twitter icon) but there’s a reason I don’t draw. =p


Since I don’t plan on ending this series anytime soon I’d also like to know where readers would like to see this series go. Which character(s) would you like to see explored?  Leave a comment and let me know!


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